Children’s Education




As your children begin to attend the KidQuest Sunday program regularly, it will be helpful for you to understand our goals. It is our desire to:
  1. Help CHILDREN to meet Jesus and follow Him
  2. Provide a welcoming and safe ENVIRONMENT
  3. Support PARENTS as they train their children in the Lord
Our main goal is to help children to meet Jesus and follow Him by teaching:
  •  Biblical literacy and understanding
    • We use a chronological curriculum (from Harvest Bible Chapel) that takes our preschoolers through the Bible every 2 years and our elementary children through the Bible every 4 years.
    • We intentionally teach Bible Basics to the elementary group (‘catechism’-like principles regarding the Bible, God, Jesus, Sin, Salvation, Holy Spirit, Angels, Return of Christ, Baptism, Communion, Christian Living).
    • We teach Bible Memory with unit verses for preschoolers (ie. John 3:16 or Romans 5:8) and longer passages for elementary (ie. Ten Commandments, Psalm 23, Psalm 100, Beatitudes, 1 Corinthians 13). Focusing on a longer passages allows for better long-term retention as well as catch-up for missed weeks. Elementary children recite each week’s verse while being signed in (receive a small reward), and the whole passage in front of the congregation at the end.
  • Healthy spiritual habits
    • Singing is an important part of each program. You can review the songs with your child during the week using the KidQuest Sundays YouTube playlist.
    • Small Groups allow for sharing and prayer.
    • Bible story review to ensure understanding: Elementary children use Bibles, Preschoolers use a colouring page or craft.
    • Practical response/application to ensure children learn to live out their faith.


We aim to provide a welcoming and safe environment: 
  • We want children to feel welcome and have fun!
    • Colour-coded nametags and rooms allow kids to identify their classmates/leaders and small group locations
    • Backpack cart downstairs –place your child’s things (ie. coat, backpack) there before the service starts – easy to pick them up later
    • Transition in to program – we know that many children take time to warm up, and we have great volunteers who are very willing to engage your child:
      • Preschool – most kids settle within a few minutes but you are welcome to take a pager in case of need
      • Elementary – program starts with fun, active songs which draw kids in
    • Snacktime – usually a gluten free snack such as popcorn and water
    • Transition out of program – Free Play starts at end of service – chance for all kids to interact while they wait for you to sign them out
  • We take our responsibility for your children seriously, and follow the Plan to Protect program:
    • All of our volunteers are screened with interviews, references and police checks.
    • Small group interactions involve more than one volunteer (are not one-on-one).
    • Washroom breaks are supervised.
    • Non-screened persons must be supervised so that our Children’s Ministry Area remains secure.
    • Time-out policy for dangerous or distracting behaviour.
    • We are not responsible for children until they are dismissed from the service at about 10:45am
    • Please let us know verbally and on the sign-in sheet when something changes from your registration form.
    • Pick-up tag for each child – keep this with you or give it to whoever will be picking up your child!
We want to support parents as they train their children in the Lord:
    • We provide a Bible for each child, either on entry to the program or on graduation from Nursery or Preschool. Our hope is that this Bible is used daily and worn out in 3-5 years when the next Bible is given
      • Preschoolers – Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible. This picture Bible is intended for parents to use at home as they review each week’s story. Not to be brought to church with child.
      • Elementary – New International Readers Version. This easy-to-read full Bible is intended for children to read from at home and at church in small group time.
        • Please have your child bring THIS Bible to church each Sunday – if your children have other Bible versions, please use them at home.
        • Each child in the same small group has the same Bible – for this reason, it is very important that your child’s name is in their Bible.
        • Some children transport Bible in a small bag or Bible case – this is great, so long as that’s not where the Bible stays through the week 😉
        •  If your child needs a Bible for this stage, please let us know
    • We provide a take-home sheet with that week’s story and verse for parents to review with their child, as well as:
      • Preschoolers – Family Time with daily activity suggestions
      • Elementary – His Time with daily Bible readings and questions, prayer suggestions
    • We have many additional Family Ministry programs that can support your family: