Church Membership

When individuals trust Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord, God sends the Holy Spirit to indwell them, seal them and baptize them into the body of Christ which is called the universal church, consisting of all the true followers of Jesus from all time.
There is also the local church, an assembly of true believers who meet together in a specific location. The apostle Paul refers to the local church as a body, an organism where each individual has distinct functions of service to the head who is Christ. The early church, described in Acts, met together to worship the Lord, for fellowship, instruction and to serve by going out to make disciples of Jesus.
We at WGC have many people who attend, and approximately half of the attendees have publicly committed to join arms with the other believers at WGC as members. Members in the local body at WGC are committed to obeying the Lord’s Great Command-to Love, and the Great Commission-to Go and Make Disciples.
Do you believe God has brought you to worship at WGC?
Are you a True Follower of Jesus Christ?
Is there any reason why you have not taken the step to become a member of this local body of believers?
We invite all non members to join us on Sunday September 13th, for a special luncheon after the worship hour to explain what membership is all about. If you are not a member, we encourage you to sign up today and plan to join us as we reach our world for Jesus.