Every one of us lives immersed in a world that is sending out messages about life, morality, values, needs, relationships and goals.  Literally thousands of messages are trying to influence us throughout every day.  How can we possibly know which message is the right one to follow?
Winona Gospel Church believes that the Bible is God’s Word for us, and provides us with instruction on all aspects of life.  So we can know what will please God and what will be best for us.  We are committed to helping people equip themselves to gain knowledge from the Bible.  We do this through Small Group Bible Studies for all ages.  Small Groups meet at various locations – at the church on Glover Road as well as in homes throughout the community.  In a Small Group, a facilitator helps guide people through a book in the Bible.  Each study time includes time for fellowship, reading and discussion of the selected scripture passage, and an opportunity to share and care for one another as various issues come up in peoples’ lives.  It is within small groups that people’s lives are changed and where people at WGC receive care.  The importance of teaching God’s Word is the focus of all of our programming from young children to adulthood.  The Word of God helps us to develop a biblical worldview where we can make wise decisions and live life that will bring Glory to God!  
An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.
– Proverbs 18:15, ESV