Sunday Morning
We are gradually getting back to in-person programming! 
~ 2  years to grade 5 ~
In KidQuest Sundays (KQS), our goal is to help your child(ren) meet Jesus and follow Him in a welcoming and safe environment. Each week children learn a Bible story and memory verse, and discover practical ways they can live out their faith.
Our Sunday Morning Programs for children are divided into two main age groups: 
Rookie Explorers   2- 3 year olds
Junior Adventurers   JK to SK
Senior Voyagers   Grades 1-2
Youth Trekkers   Grades 3-5
At this time, we are excited to announce that BOTH our KQS Junior and KQS Senior in-person programs have now restarted! 
You will need to pre-register your child(ren) for the KidQuest Sunday program.  Details on how to do that are provided below.  Please note, face masks are mandatory for all persons in the KidQuest Sunday program, including volunteers and children. If your child cannot tolerate a face mask, a clear face shield may be used instead. Please let us know if you need help obtaining the appropriate face covering for your child. All volunteers will wear a face mask and will have the option to add a face shield when physical distancing cannot be maintained.
Registering Your Child
  • In this Sunday’s Worship service sign-up (provided in the weekly church update email),
      • click ‘Yes’ to let us know that you will be bringing children who will participate in the KidQuest Sundays program during the service.
      • on your first week back you will be asked to confirm that you have reviewed this page, and to complete the Sunday Morning Registration Form so that we can be prepared to meet your child’s needs.
      • on following weeks, you will only need to provide your child’s name.
  • Every Sunday you will be asked to go through this health check, and follow the recommendations as noted.
On Sunday mornings, the doors on the left of the main front entrance will be unlocked from 10:15 -10:30am for check-in. We ask that only one parent come with the child(ren) registered for the program that day (other family members may proceed through the doors on the right, to their spots in the sanctuary). If possible, we ask that your child not bring any items into the program. There are 3 check-in stations – due to the possibility of line-ups, please be prepared to wait until the station in front of you clears before proceeding to the next station.
Check-In Stations
1. On the main level, for you to do: hang your child’s coat, complete health check (if not already done).
2. On the stairs, for you to do: collect your child’s nametag and your pager.
3. On the landing, for us to do: confirm health check, take your child in to the program!
Once your child is checked in, you will proceed to the sanctuary through the library area and up the north stairs.
Pick-Up After Service
As soon as the service is finished, take your pager and re-trace your steps down the north stairs and through the library to check your child out.  
Please Note…
The KQS Junior program will take place in the main children’s ministry hall, and the KQS Senior program will take place in the library area and gym. We will do our best to maintain physical distance between children during the morning’s activities (Bible teaching, songs, snack, colouring, play), but cannot guarantee this. We will provide an individually packaged snack and drink of water for each child.
This video will help your child prepare for KQS Senior. These photos may help your child prepare for KQS Junior. The full Return to in-person Policies and Procedures can be viewed here. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email:
~ Newborn to 24 months ~
At this time, we are unable to offer a Nursery Program. While we miss this precious time with your little ones, we have an overflow area available that parents can use as needed during the morning service in the Fireside Room. This is an unsupervised area – please bring your own snacks, toys, and other supplies. A change table is available in the women’s washroom on the main level.
You will receive an email at noon each Sunday, summarizing what happened that morning. On your way home, be sure to ask your child questions like, “Did you have fun?” and “What did you learn today?” It’s our goal that every child has a positive answer to these two questions, every week!
Our desire is that Sunday will be the best day of the week for every child!
If you have any questions, please contact us via email:

  You can find out more detailed information about our children’s programs, goals and how we support parents here.

The information on this page was last updated on November 24, 2020.