Sunday Morning
Children’s programs take place in the lower level directly below the sanctuary.
Newborn to 24 months
Loving care-givers look after your child on Sunday morning from 10:15 am until the end of the worship service. Program includes play and snacks. Pagers are provided for parents so you can be contacted during the worship service if a need arises (ie. diaper changes). Nursing area available.
2  years to grade 5
In KidQuest Sundays (KQS), our goal is to help your child(ren) meet Jesus and follow Him in a welcoming and safe environment. Sign-in from 10:15 am just outside the sanctuary (children sit with parents until about 10:45 am. Sign-out from program as soon as the service is finished (about 12 noon).
The following sections provide more information about the KidQuest Sundays program.
Your First Visit
Look for the sign-in area in the upstairs foyer. You will complete a SundayMorningRegistrationForm (you are welcome to print and complete this ahead of time if you prefer). You will sign your child in to the age-appropriate group, and we will give your child a name tag to wear (you get a tag too) for the rest of the morning.
Children sit with their parents in the service until they are called to the front for a quick prayer before going downstairs all together (around 10:45, depending on the order of service that week). If your child is hesitant to go to the front of the church feel free to go with them but please hand off your child to one of our volunteers once you’ve exited the Sanctuary. Our volunteers will then accompany your child downstairs to our children’s area.
Age-graded program includes stories, crafts/games, snacks and music. After the service, you will go downstairs to your child’s room and show your tag for your child to be released back to you.
Each week children learn a Bible story and memory verse, and discover practical ways they can live out their faith in the context of a small group.
Rookie Explorers   2- 3 year olds
Junior Adventurers   JK to SK
Senior Voyagers   Grades 1-2
Youth Trekkers   Grades 3-5
The Ride Home
When you sign your child out, you will receive a handout (take-home) summarizing what happened this morning. On your way home, be sure to ask your child questions like, “Did you have fun?” and “What did you learn today?” It’s our goal that every child has a positive answer to these two questions, every week!
If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email: Our desire is that Sunday will become the best day of the week for your children.

  Digging Deeper

As your children begin to attend the KidQuest Sunday program regularly, it will be helpful for you to understand our goals.
KidQuest Sunday Goals
1. help children to meet Jesus and follow Him
2. provide a welcoming and safe environment
3. support parents as they train their children in the Lord
The following sections provide more detailed information about these goals.
1. Children
Our main goal is to help children to meet Jesus and follow Him by teaching:
  •  Biblical literacy and understanding
    • We use a chronological curriculum (from Harvest Bible Chapel) that takes our preschoolers through the Bible every 2 years and our elementary children through the Bible every 4 years.
    • We intentionally teach Bible Basics to the elementary group (~’catechism’ – principles regarding the Bible, God, Jesus, Sin, Salvation, Holy Spirit, Angels, Return of Christ, Baptism, Communion, Christian Living).
    • We teach Bible Memory with unit verses for preschoolers (ie. John 3:16 or Romans 5:8) and longer passages for elementary (ie. Ten Commandments, Psalm 23, Psalm 100, Beatitudes, 1 Corinthians 13). Focusing on a longer passages allows for better long-term retention as well as catch-up for missed weeks. Elementary children recite each week’s verse while being signed in (receive a small reward), and the whole passage in front of the congregation at the end.
  • Healthy spiritual habits
    • Singing is an important part of each program. You can review the songs with your child during the week using the KidQuest Sundays YouTube playlist.
    • Small Groups allow for sharing and prayer.
    • Bible story review to ensure understanding: Elementary children use Bibles, Preschoolers use a colouring page or craft.
    • Practical response/application to ensure children learn to live out their faith.

  2. Environment

We aim to provide a welcoming and safe environment: 
  • We want children to feel welcome and have fun!
    • Colour-coded nametags and rooms allow kids to identify their classmates/leaders and small group locations
    • Backpack cart downstairs –place your child’s things (ie. coat, backpack) there before the service starts – easy to pick them up later
    • Transition in to program – we know that many children take time to warm up, and we have great volunteers who are very willing to engage your child:
      • Preschool – most kids settle within a few minutes but you are welcome to take a pager in case of need
      • Elementary – program starts with fun, active songs which draw kids in
    • Snacktime – usually a gluten free snack such as popcorn and water
    • Transition out of program – Free Play starts at end of service – chance for all kids to interact while they wait for you to sign them out
  • We take our responsibility for your children seriously, and follow the Plan to Protect program:
    • All of our volunteers are screened with interviews, references and police checks.
    • Small group interactions involve more than one volunteer (are not one-on-one).
    • Washroom breaks are supervised.
    • Non-screened persons must be supervised so that our Children’s Ministry Area remains secure.
    • Time-out policy for dangerous or distracting behaviour.
    • We are not responsible for children until they are dismissed from the service at about 10:45am
    • Please let us know verbally and on the sign-in sheet when something changes from your registration form.
    • Pick-up tag for each child – keep this with you or give it to whoever will be picking up your child!!
3. Parents
We want to support parents as they train their children in the Lord:
    • We provide a Bible for each child, either on entry to the program or on graduation from Nursery or Preschool. Our hope is that this Bible is used daily and worn out in 3-5 years when the next Bible is given
      • Preschoolers – Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible. This picture Bible is intended for parents to use at home as they review each week’s story. Not to be brought to church with child.
      • Elementary – New International Readers Version. This easy-to-read full Bible is intended for children to read from at home and at church in small group time.
        • Please have your child bring THIS Bible to church each Sunday – if your children have other Bible versions, please use them at home.
        • Each child in the same small group has the same Bible – for this reason, it is very important that your child’s name is in their Bible.
        • Some children transport Bible in a small bag or Bible case – this is great, so long as that’s not where the Bible stays through the week 😉
        •  If your child needs a Bible for this stage, please let us know
    • We provide a take-home sheet with that week’s story and verse for parents to review with their child, as well as:
      • Preschoolers – Family Time with daily activity suggestions
      • Elementary – His Time with daily Bible readings and questions, prayer suggestions
    • We have many additional Family Ministry programs that can support your family:

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