Women of Winona
Upcoming W.O.W Events:
Mega Baby Celebration 2019!
Please join us Saturday, November 30th from 1pm – 3pm for a joyous celebration of all the babies WGC was blessed with this year. There will be food, games and fun fellowship.  BEST WISHES ONLY.  Celebration located in the church library.
Ladies Christmas Social
We’d love for all of our ladies to take a little bit of time out of their busy holiday schedules and join us for an evening of fun and relaxation, on Friday, December 13th from 7pm – 9pm.  There will be carols, a “White Elephant” gift exchange, an encouraging devotional and of course, some of our favourite eats!  You just need to bring yourself, your recycled White Elephant gift (or $5 and under gift), and some of your favourite eats!  This event is held off site, for more details please see the bulletin, or email the church office.
Check out the Church Facebook Page for the most up-to date information and events.